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[Tutorial 3] The lips.

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[Tutorial 3] The lips. Empty [Tutorial 3] The lips.

Post by Simon Sun Oct 09, 2011 3:32 pm

[Tutorial 3] The lips. Title11

Hello everyone (yes today I do 2 tutorials because I think they complete each other but should be separate.)

So this tutorial is about how to apply makeup on the lips. It's always hard to choose the colors. Here's some tips.

Let's start with thin lips. Put some gloss on it, the glossy effect make them look bigger. Here's an example :
[Tutorial 3] The lips. Thin_l10
(Okay, yes the lipstick is in a strong color and the eyeshadow too but I couldn't show the glossy without a strong color ... Crappy lipstick...)

For Medium size lips it's harder because they are in the middle so just make them glossy a little bit. It easy like that but the balancing the glossy is hard, believe me.
[Tutorial 3] The lips. Medium10

Finally, for thick lips don't put glossy (or just a really little.) because they are already big and doesn't need to look bigger. Actually they should look smaller.
Here's what you should do :
[Tutorial 3] The lips. Big_li10

So remember to use the opacity. I should add that it's also a lot of Case per Case because every sims is different. Try a lot of lipstick with different color and you will find THE lipstick that fit the best.
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