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Post by Cassidya-rose Medina Wed Feb 08, 2012 11:16 am


Here's the staff list



Administrators are the ones who are managing the whole forum, configurations and groups.
They can't always be available so if you ever get any problem with another member, please
contact a moderator first.


- Melleasha
- Simon

Moderators are there to take care of one of the most important rule on a forum : the respect !
There are also here to keep the place clean and peaceful. If you get any problem with another member, please contact them.

Fashion Coaches


Fashion coaches help people with less skills to improve their pictures and sims look.
If you need any help or suggestion with the creation of a beautiful picture, they are
the perfect persons for this.

Pose Creators

- Melleasha

C&B Orgaziners


They simply organize contests and battle or any animation on the forum to keep it enjoyable and alive.
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