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Allison Kae Oxford

Post by Allison on Tue May 15, 2012 4:35 am

NAME : Allison
AGE: 20
FAVORITE MODEL: Allison Elizabeth Harvard
FAVORITE DESIGNER: Rustynail, moddish kitten, modern_sims
STRENGTHS: Uniqueness, versatility, hardworking, in game styling
WEAKNESSES: awkwardness, editting pics
FAVORITE QUOTE: Fiction is a piece of truth that turns lies to meaning

Biography :
Born in a family who runs orphanage in Twinbrook. Loving family, but too much children to share with. Feeling lack of love, she become a bit introvert yet still caring like her parents. People keep distance from her because of her creepy big eyes, her weird interest and her lack in communication. Meeting 2 guys who's orphans in her parents orphanage in the age of 10, being bestfriends ever since. They're the only people she share her world to. She's always fond of arts and fascinated by blood. Painting is always her way of escaping the world.

After finishing highschool, she moved to Bridgeport with her bestfriends and majoring in fine art and work as an amateur model for living.

these pictures only got minor editting such as contrast and smoothing edges (yes, the last one too)
As Allicat

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