Useful Stuff for Better Photoshoots

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Useful Stuff for Better Photoshoots Empty Useful Stuff for Better Photoshoots

Post by Sahara on Sun Feb 26, 2012 1:39 pm

The correct title for the topic is "Useful Mods, Cheat Codes and Links for Better Photoshoots" but it's a bit long, so...

I've made here a list of all the useful stuff for better photoshoots and editing. If I forgot something, please tell me, I'll add it.

Cheat Codes

• "kaching" (+1000 §) and "motherlode" (+50 000 §) will allow you to buy anything you want.

• "TestingCheatsEnabled true/false" : allows you to do alot of things, like teleport, desactivate the needs, "control" the needs, the relations, delete moodlets and return in CAS (click on the sim while holding Shift)(I think this only works with Generations but I'm not sure. If it doesn't, you can use the NRaas Master Controler (see below)).

• "buydebug" will open a new category in Buy Mode, you will find loads of interesting things, such as community lots, buildings, decoration, the green ball to make special effects (Ambitions) and invisible lights.


The OMSP (One More Slot Package) : allows you to place anything (sims included) anywhere.

The Pose player : use it to make your sims... pose.
Sims 3 Pose Database is a blog where you can find alot of the poses in the community. They're arranged by categories.
... or you can find some made by this forum's members in the Custom Poses section.

The NRaas Master Controller : Allows you to do anything you want (magic mod !).

The #aWT HQ Modification : This isn't a mod, in fact, it's an application. It will improve the quality of the game and therefore the quality of your sims.

Photo Editing

Gimp and Photofiltre are two free great, easy to use editing softwares.
You'll find alot of turorials to use them (Gimp especially).

Pixlr is a trouble-free online photo editor.
You also have a "smaller version" to quickly add filters and effects : Pixlr O-Matic

You can find great backgrounds on DeviantArt and on wallpapers sites.


The Animation Player is the same as the Pose Player but for animations.

And of course, you can learn alot of things to make fantastic photoshoots in the Tutorials section !

I hope this is useful...
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Useful Stuff for Better Photoshoots Empty Re: Useful Stuff for Better Photoshoots

Post by Simon on Sun Mar 04, 2012 7:37 pm

Here is a new kind of OMSP. They allow us to place objects in different angles. Here is the link to it.
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