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Reese Leighton

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Reese Leighton Empty Reese Leighton

Post by Reese Mon May 14, 2012 1:54 pm

Reese Leighton Reesem10

Name: Reese
Last Name: Leighton
Age: 19
Localization: Sunsetville
Favorite Model: No other than myself
Favorite Designer: Cbon73
Strenghts: My confidence, whole package, experience, personality, sexappeal
Weaknesses: None
Favorite Quote: "Are you kidding me?" and "I know I am pretty"
Story: As I wrote it at the beginning, I am Reese Leighton, 19 years old and a big personality. I know how to model and I got the whole package and the look to win this competition. I am clever and very smart. People call me arrogant sometimes because they dont want to be alone, but I mean, look at me, I am pretty ! Everyone is jealous of my prettiness. God, I am stunning ! Anyway, I got raised by my grandmother who I really love, because my mum and my dad are divorced and my dad died of cancer. I grew up in a ghetto and I learned how to survive in life. My dream was always being a model and I am, right ? I have a very good body and I got the knowledge how to use it. I did naked shoots, but I hope that doesnt make me not making it. Anyway, I applied because I was like: "You need someone like moi!", so here I am, the other girls can already pack their bags and go home.

I will post her next shoots of the competition here I guess.
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