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Lucy Demalleur

Post by Lucy Demalleur on Thu Jul 25, 2013 6:07 pm

Full Name: Lucy Demalleur
Age: 16
Localisation: Bay City, Michigan, USA
Favorite Model: Gladice Parsha
Favorite Designer: Anubis under The Sun
Strength: I am a very versatile girl, as a model I could be booked for almost everthing.
Weakness: I am not the model people expect to see when they think of the term "model"
Favorite Quote: ~ Live life to the fullest ~

Face Shot:

Body Shot:

Photoshoot 1 (InspiRED Campaign):

Photoshoot 2 (Covergirl Ad)

Photoshoot 3 (Lara Croft/Spy Inspired Shoot):

I hope these links work properly.. If not .. #noob

Lucy Demalleur
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